The word "Zídango", is a compound of three Asian words for vocabulary
or character. The Chinese "Zì" (character), the Korean "Dan'no" (vocabulary) and
the Japanese word "tango", which also means vocabulary. Zidango offers a new
learning method for vocabulary. This is done both from the target language, and from
of the native language, alternating vocabulary quizzed. To make learning more motivating
Zidango is built like a board game. This should help to make learning
more enjoyable and thus less stressful


A player gets a pile of vocabulary, on which the vocabulary of the desired target language and the
desired target language and the target language and the native language.
Alternately, the player must enter the translation of these.
If the translation is correct, the player's piece may move forward two spaces.
If it is wrong, it must move back one space. If the goal is reached, the game is won.

Special Fields

The player may skip the vocabulary word if he does not know the vocabulary word.

3 vocabulary words are asked in a row (multiple choice), depending on how many
vocabulary words are correct, the player token moves forward that many squares.
For each answer you have 10 seconds.

The player token is not reset even if the vocabulary was wrong, or not known.

The player token is moved five spaces without retrieving vocabulary.

The player will receive 2 Dangos (Zidangos currency for an item store).

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